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Adult Certificates

Adult Certificates

RISD Continuing Education (RISD|CE) Certificate Programs are designed to facilitate personal and professional development, by engaging students in sustained exploration and learning in specific creative disciplines.

These non-credit certificates are flexible to accommodate both your interests and your busy schedule, through immersive studio and technical based learning. Our certificate curricula are current, relevant and connected to the creative economy; equipping students with skills, confidence, proficiency and real-world experience to accelerate creative lives and work.

Programs are led by expert faculty—academics, artists and designers, entrepreneurs and industry leaders—with professional connections to the creative economy. Regardless of your previous experience, our programs are intentionally designed to guide, advise and support you in achieving your personal goals. With no entry requirements, learn with motivated peers to develop your portfolio, broaden existing skills, explore a new career path, life pursuit, or start your own business—and build the network that will help you do it.

Available Certificates: