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RISD Emergency Info

In Case of Emergency

RISD Department of Public Safety:

If you or someone you know may be in danger or is having a medical, mental health or safety emergency, call the 24-hour Public Safety emergency line at 401-454-6666 (extension 6666 from a campus phone).

Public Safety Officers are trained EMTs and can respond to emergency situations on or near the RISD campus.

For emergencies that could affect the whole campus, or cause immediate danger such as a fire or active threat, call Providence Police Department 9-1-1 or 401-272-3121

RISD’s Department of Public Safety will be automatically notified if 911 is called from a campus landline phone.

RISD!Alert - The RISD!Alert emergency notification system uses broadcast phone, email and/or text message for quick distribution of time-sensitive information to students, faculty, staff and their family members.

These alerts will be sent out for campus closings as well as any event that poses an imminent danger to the campus.

Sign up for RISD!Alerts

In the event of a major campus-wide emergency, alerts will also be posted to Follow links from the home page for the most up-to-date information.

Emergency Information

The RISD Emergency Management Team meets regularly and has plans for individual emergencies, as well as events that may affect the entire campus, or the community at large. See specific response plans below:

Emergency Management Team

Campus Emergency Plan (PDF)

Campus Emergency Plan (POSTER)

Campus Closings / Inclement Weather Policy

Parents and Family

Missing Student - If a student is known or suspected to be missing, do not hesitate to contact RISD’s Public Safety Office: 401-454-6666

Click here for more information on our Missing Student Policy

I received an alert, what do I do? - RISD!Alerts will only be sent for campus closings and in the event that there is imminent danger on our campus - please follow all instructions sent in the alert.
If you are a parent who has received an alert contact your student to make sure they have also received the alert. If your student is not receiving RISD!Alert notifications, they can sign up for RISD!Alerts.

External Resources

Hospitals - If a student’s needs cannot be met by RISD’s Health Services Center, they may be transferred to one of these locations:

 The Miriam Hospital Main Campus
  164 Summit Ave
  Providence, RI 02906

 Rhode Island Hospital Main Campus
  593 Eddy Street
  Providence, RI 02903

 Butler Hospital
  345 Blackstone Boulevard
  Providence, RI 02906

Providence Emergency Management Agency- RISD works closely with PEMA to ensure a strong partnership with the city. Learn more about PEMA


Public Safety - RISD’s Department of Public Safety offers training to students, staff and faculty in areas such as:

   First Aid
   Active Threat Response
   Personal Safety

Contact Public Safety at 401-454-6376 to sign up for a training course or to get more information on other ways that our Public Safety Department protects the community.

Fire Drills - Under the direction of our Environmental Health & Safety Office fire drills are conducted in every residence hall at least once per semester. Here is more information on our Fire/Life Safety Program

risdREADY - Staff and Faculty can get involved in campus emergency preparedness by joining the risdREADY volunteer program. Contact the Emergency Manager for more information.